Snr. Lecturer HEMMI Yojiro

 My research interests lie primarily in the field of motivation, particularly in language learning and self-discipline training. 

In my thesis, I examined students’ TOEFL study methods. My more recent work has focused on altering these methods so that they can also be used as TOEIC study methods. See you in class!!

「単語や文法は結構知っているのに、いざ会話なると英語が出てこない、質問されても『Yes』  『No』 だけで終わってしまう」、このような経験は誰もが一度はしているのではないでしょうか。


Snr. Assis. Prof. KOBATA Laura

English is a living language—so live it!

Find a YouTuber you like and follow their channel, or find an English language music group that you enjoy.  Drop by the Global Hub and connect with international students and other Japanese students interested in language

English can be your key to broader and deeper knowledge, new interests, and new friends.  Be fearless, be determined, and be genuine in
your efforts, and you will see rewards.  

We here in the Language Center at the University of Fukui are here to help you set
and achieve your English language learning goals! 

Assis. Prof. Richard Eccleston

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you’re interested in English, and are motivated to learn English. Perhaps you have some goals in mind, such as a particular score in a test, or to be able to use English in your future career or when travelling abroad.

But if not, don’t worry! I hope that you can become interested in English, and become motivated to study English. Helping students to do this is part of my job in the Language Center at the University of Fukui.

Of course, teaching English is also part of my job. If I can offer some advice here to help learners of English, it is to not worry about making mistakes. Making mistakes in a language, and then learning from them, is a great way to improve.

 For example, if you’re speaking English, and want to say something but are not sure what the correct words are, or are not confident about the correct grammar, try saying what you can with the English that you know. By using the wrong words, being not understood and needing to find the right words, it can be a memorable experience that will help you to remember new words or phrases. If you had worried about saying the wrong words or not being understood, and so not said anything, you would have not learned anything new and perhaps missed out on a memorable experience or meeting someone new. This is just one small example.

 In short, do your best, and always try to communicate, and you’ll find your English will improve and you’ll enjoy learning and using English more and more.