Curriculum Policy

Common Policy

Through providing language education, the English Education Department will foster students who continue to think together to build a society where diversity is respected. Specifically, students are encouraged to:

1. Continue to learn autonomously and creatively

(1) Acquire a broad range of knowledge
(2) Manage their own learning

2. Appropriately use information

(1) Use ICT (information communication technology) and other means, to collect information appropriately
(2) Evaluate and analyze information critically from multiple perspectives

3. Collaborate while respecting others

(1) Respect and try to understand ideas that are different from his/her own, and be flexible
(2) Work together for a common purpose

Curriculum policy

The curriculum of English education by the Language Center is designed to foster interest and motivation in learning English, through communicative language teaching (CLT). The curriculum is focused on improving English language ability, and other important skills that students need to prepare themselves for their future studies, research, careers, and personal lives as active participants in a global society.

(1) English classes build on students’ existing language skills with vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking, as well as encourage students to become independent learners who develop their English skills beyond the classroom.

(2) Through presentations, students will establish and develop skills of researching, teamwork, writing, preparing visual aids, and presenting, which are necessary in their future professional activities.

(3) We provide students with a learning environment which fosters development of English language communication skills, builds awareness of global issues, and encourages discussion and participation in global activities in their careers and personal lives.