Curriculum Policy

Common Policy

Through providing language education, the Japanese Language Education Department will foster students who continue to think together to build a society where diversity is respected. Specifically, students are encouraged to:

1. Continue to learn autonomously and creatively

(1) Acquire a broad range of knowledge
(2) Manage their own learning

2. Appropriately use information

(1) Use ICT (information communication technology) and other means, to collect information appropriately
(2) Evaluate and analyze information critically from multiple perspectives

3. Collaborate while respecting others

(1) Respect and try to understand ideas that are different from his/her own, and be flexible
(2) Work together for a common purpose

Curriculum policy

The Japanese Language Program enables international students to choose courses based on their language proficiency and learning goals. The program includes structured Japanese language courses focusing on listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills, while Japanese Affairs courses enhance students’ understanding of Japanese society. These courses are systematically organized so that students can study step by step.

(1) Japanese Language courses provide activities for the students to deepen their thinking and develop their learning skills. Japanese Affairs courses provide lectures for students to obtain a wide range of knowledge about Japanese society, and project work to allow each student to address the issues and disseminate the results.

(2) We provide activities for students to obtain and use information actively and appropriately. Furthermore, to master the skills to disseminate information, we offer opportunities for presentation and poster sessions.

(3) We offer students collaborative group work to develop the mindset and problem-solving skills needed while valuing the diverse opinions of others.