Message: Let’s enjoy studying Japanese together!


Message: When you come to the University of Fukui, you will not only study the Japanese language, but also meet many new people and have plenty of fun. I hope that your experiences in Fukui will enrich your life.

ONO Chiemi

Message: I look forward to talking with you in Japanese!

OGATA Tomoyo

Message: Leaning a foreign language opens you up to a new world. The best parts of studying abroad in Japan are that you can expose yourself to the local culture and lifestyles, learn the ways in which Japanese people think, and improve your language skills. The more fluent you become in Japanese, the more profound your experience in Japan will become. In my class, I try to encourage students so that they can express themselves in Japanese comfortably, and feel the joy of making themselves understood.

SAITO Masumi

Message: Hello everyone, Welcome to Fukui. It is a peaceful place, rich in natural beauty. I am sure you will learn and experience so much in your school life. I always enjoy talking with students from other countries about different cultures. I look forward to meeting all of you from around the world.


Message: Let’s enjoy studying Japanese together. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Message: Don’t learn just the Japanese language, but look at and listen to Japan as a whole, and make it yours!


Message: I hope that the Japanese classes I prepare help students learn more. Let’s enjoy studying together