The LC represents a new concept and practice in EFL teaching in Japan. It has multiple goals:

  1. revise and staff the English curriculum required of all students within their common education (general education) coursework;
  2. teach basic communicative classes that integrate all 4 skills to improve students' general communicative competence, including by the required use of online learning programs incorporated into the syllabus;
  3. assist students in attaining requisite TOEIC scores as spelled out in UF's GGJ project;
  4. support the Faculties of Education and Regional Studies, Medical Science and Nursing, and Engineering in the development of basic English and some ESP coursework (related to the specific Faculties above);
  5. support and help strengthen the ongoing efforts of the common education (general education) faculty in its English coursework;
  6. develop and teach English curricula for local businesses as well as citizens;
  7. run the on-campus "Global Hub" where international and local Japanese students may meet for conversational, recreational, and academic purposes;
  8. run the self-access language study center “ Language Development Center ( LDC) ” on campus; and
  9. collaborate with neighboring institutions of higher learning in the promotion of English proficiency among their students.
  10. run the U-PASS(University Peer Academic Support Service) which language study support service by tutoring.

The LC may also collaborate with the Fukui Prefecture Board of Education, from time to time. Some of these goals are achievable short-term; others are long-term.