Message from the Director

Director: Albert, J, Lehner Jr.


It gives me great pleasure to know that you are reading this page. As you read, I hope that your interest in developing your English language skills is strengthened.

The 語学センター instructors and staff members take seriously the impact of globalization on the people of Japan and wish to support UF students in their efforts to become true “global residents.” We do this through teaching English to first- and second-year students in new English classes that are focused on communication and TOEIC testing in the first year and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in the second year. “ESP” means that engineering students learn engineering English, education students learn education-related English, and medical science and nursing students learn English needed in the health field today. During the second year, students may design group projects while using English to complete work related to their major courses of study. This type of language education allows students to collaborate, to think critically, and to gain a practical edge in their respective fields—skills sorely needed to participate in the global workforce. Japan will not be left behind.

In addition, to foster deeper self-confidence, solid independent thinking, and greater self-reliance, students use the facilities provided in the Language Development Center (LDC) individually by creating their own courses of study. They may also participate in the different events hosted by the Global Hub (GH), which invite students to use their English and Japanese language skills while learning from peers engaged in enjoyable activities. The GH is the “heart” of the LC, a place where Japanese and international students mingle on a daily basis.

The LC is just beginning to evolve to meet the diverse linguistic needs of UF students, particularly in English communication and with international standardized English examinations. We promise to do our best so that each and every UF graduate can say with conviction: “I am ready to take on the world!”